New: Private Live Video Chat Reading

As of today you are able to book a Live Video Chat with Kathye for your Life coach & spiritual consult requests. I came to realize that not everyone would require an indepth video reading. So I looked into the situation and found I can service you this way using for instance iOS FaceTime. Hooray! 🙂

  No more waiting during a regular live session

  Easy accessible (mobile / desktop / tablet)

  1-On-1 with Kathye

  Safety of iOS FaceTime

  No need for sign-ups on other platforms

So How Does It Work?

Order a chat by clicking on the image or button below. Pick your time slot and state your FaceTime ID on checkout. Pay either with PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or other available options.

When I receive your order, you’ll receive an e-mail receipt as confirmation. 

Please be ready 5 minutes before the agreed time. You will receive my call, and I will be waiting for you. You can state your questions and information during the chat. Simple as that!

Book A Video Chat

Order your video chat

Pick your preferred time slot

Check email for approval and confirmation

Join me 1-on-1 live!

Live Video Chat Instead Of Phone Call Consults

Live Video Chat is my new service. It is an addition to my phone consult option. I listened to your feedback of not being able to see me. And due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing turns out to be the new ‘normal. This made me look for other options to provide my consultations

Most importantly, the fact that you as a customer needed to create a separate account on ‘another’ platform made no sense to me. As a result, I looked at the resources to my disposal and ‘et voilà’, Live Chat Sessions have reached Kathye Kaan INC.



You might have already joined one of my regular LIVE sessions. Therefore, it felt only natural to explore if going live 1-on-1 is possible as well. Guess what, it can. Most importantly, with one of the most frequently used chat services in iOS.

I am happy to be able now to provide consultations for bigger and smaller budgets. Wether it concerns Business or Personal quests, family or work issues, or general mindfulness or life path questions. Love & Light, Kathye


With a 60 minutes option for Live Video (FaceTime) Chat, I think you’ll get a perfect addition for the phone consults. In the same vein, the Personal Video Readings give additional reading options if you prefer more indepth clarification and provide complex subjects. To sum up, Live Stream Chat for ‘quick questions’ and Personal Video Readings for deeper learning and clarification.