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Our Universal Family [pt3]

Moths to a Higher-Dimensional Light

There are people from all walks of Life on your planet who feel close with the energy of myriad awakening souls, because they’re like moths who are attracted to the shining higher-dimensional Light being emanated now for reasons they don’t understand.

Consciously, many of these people don’t yet understand the spiritual realms or even know the awakened souls they feel subconsciously and energetically attracted to.

Some will find themselves drawn to whoever they feel the closest with, as everything that happens in your Lives is ordained and planned by you and by the facets of your higher self that watch your experiences play out and assist in your ascension.

We encourage finding and sustaining an active link to your higher self, because your higher self is the collection of all of the lower-dimensional experiences you’ve had and has essentially been through what you have.

The higher self has much guidance and advice to give, having experienced what you have already, and when connecting with the higher self you can find much personal guidance and information being given about your experience.

Many of the inspired writings being given by awakening souls of late are coming in part from their higher selves, and when you feel the inspiration to produce anything, be it a writing, music, a channeling or anything else, you can bet that your higher self has a hand in it.

The higher self guides you amidst the course of your everyday experience, and like us, seeks to offer and impart as much Love and gained knowledge as possible for you whilst you go about the trials and tribulations of the evolving Earthly experience.

Though you’ve decided to come to the Earth from the higher dimensions knowing of the potential to lose yourselves in the mucky unawareness it can offer, you’ve arrived with constantly sustained links to your closest guides and to your higher self, as your spiritual links can never be broken – only temporarily forgotten about.

Building a New Paradigm

You can only forget about the reality of your spiritual connection or the reality of the spiritual realms in general, and these realms can never go away from you and have never desired to.

We have no desire to suddenly depart from the consciousness of the awakening public, and rather, we excitedly await the time when we can be with you on your ground, helping you build your new paradigm and watching with Love from a detached standpoint.

When we say detached standpoint, what we mean is that beyond the widespread assistance we’ll offer, even when on your planet we’ll look toward humanity to bring about the changes you’ve wished to see.

We’ll have a lot to give indeed that we feel will be very beneficial to your society, but when it comes to enacting the things we’ll suggest or utilizing the technology we’ll share openly, which we’ll help you operate and understand, it’ll be up to humanity.

We anticipate humanity excitedly taking the reins and working with much of yourselves on the building of your new paradigm, and while it’s been mentioned and referenced a lot, some still don’t understand just what a new Earthly paradigm is.

From our standpoint, a new paradigm represents bringing (heightened) spiritual reality into your current, physical Earthly existence.

A new paradigm represents breaking Earthly tradition in favor of a new standard that works for every soul on your planet, and like many of you, we work with much of ourselves to help bring new paradigms about on myriad lower-dimensional planets who’s civilizations are ready to see the Light and ascend.

As various planets ascend, so is the Universal ascension kicked into a higher gear. The evolution of the Earth will do and has already done much for the Universal ascension, as the Earth has been a hub for darkness and lower-dimensionality of extreme proportions and has radiated those energies out to the rest of Creation to be picked up on and felt by others.

The vibration being emanated from the Earth affects other planets and the Universe as a whole, and this is because everything is connected in this infinite Universal matrix of consciousness.
There can be no separation or duality in the higher dimensions you’re growing back toward, because all of the polarities have been resolved and harmony and peace reign amongst every facet of consciousness.

Every facet of consciousness is coming to rediscover ourselves as the Creator of our existence, and as we evolve we help as many others as possible to see the Light and find individual or collective evolution. Sharing and spreading the Love of spirit is one of our main goals in communicating with humanity, and if we can impart a good vibration unto you, then we’ve done our jobs well.

Connection waits to be Sought

If we can help you feel a higher vibration even for a moment amidst the course of the at times difficult Earthly experience, then we’re satisfied with the delivering of our communications.

We know that many of you wish for a closer connection with us when reading our communications, and we say with Love that this connection is ever ready and waiting to be sought and picked up on by each of you who feels close with our energies and impressions.

Though we’re speaking with you directly in the form of words the mind of our scribe is translating into impressions, the most direct connection with us can be found in the hearts of each of you and we recommend for everyone who feels close with our energies to seek communion with us yourselves, for in doing so you could very well find enthusiastic contact.

The initial “problem” if you wish to call it that, when many souls choose to connect with us, is that they expect this connection to come about in a purely physical manner or in a manner that they’d expect or that’d make sense to them with their current perception.

We should say that we don’t appear physically before most channels and directly offer physical words, but rather, connection with us is attained within and when in a deeper state of consciousness.

The method we utilize to communicate with our scribe is one of sending energetic impressions to you that are received by heart and decoded by mind into physical words and phrases.

You may note that some of the words and phrases we give here are commonly used by our scribe, and this is because of his mental interpretation of the communication and of the impressions we’re giving as he receives them in his heart.

An opened heart will see you very easily able to access the spiritual realms and everything that comes with them, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we excitedly await the willing contact of as many of you as possible.

To be able to communicate with the Earth or any Earthly soul is quite an accomplishment to us given the manner in which the lower vibrations and the resulting veils have thrived on your planet, but the growing spiritual revolution taking place is seeing more souls able and willing to open up and connect with us.

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