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Our Universal Family [pt2]

No Physical Barriers to your Light

An evolving soul Living in your state of New York, for example, could benefit from the energy being given out by another in the Netherlands. There are no physical barriers to your Light, and you can quite instantly connect with another in a deepened state of consciousness despite how far away they Live in your physical reality.

When accessing the everlasting and awe-inspiring power of spirit, there’s nothing you can’t do or be and no task too large for you to undertake. Individually, you possess much power indeed but as you unite and begin collectively building your future, you’ll understand the incredible and important power you wield together.

The power humanity collectively wields, which you largely haven’t yet understood, makes your unity that much more important. Of course, we’d never seek to push this or any other ideal onto you, but to simply remind you of the importance of coming together and allowing any perceived bitterness bred from differences between you and another to fall away.

The Love and joy of your evolving existence is being picked up on by myriad souls as they come to find that they don’t have to feed into the qualities of your Earthly experience that could be seen as negative or that drag on your spirits.

You’re meant to enjoy yourselves and every facet of your Earthly experience, and those of you with nine-to-five jobs that you feel don’t challenge or excite you are correct.

Though we recognize and appreciate that many of you feel you have no other choice than to work away for your physical survival while looking toward a wonderful higher-dimensional future, we say that you can undertake ventures that truly do excite you and see you use your capabilities, physical and spiritual, for the good of yourselves and the good of the planet.

You can take the unique ability you possess and put it to use for the Earth’s ascension, and it simply takes the choice to do so for it to come about. Even those of you with Earthly jobs can perhaps find time and energy to do what excites you and makes you happy, whether it’s for the Earth’s ascension or not, if you so choose.

Your Sacred Mission

Serving others can breed a sense of satisfaction and understanding that you’ve been able to help another along their growth, but serving oneself in the form of doing things that one really enjoys and can feel the richness of Life because of is also recommended.

Those of you who work actively for humanity’s evolution will benefit from allowing yourselves the necessary time to pursue other activities that you enjoy or that fill you with the Love of spirit, though we note that for many of you, your work for the Earth’s ascension provides you just that and we couldn’t be happier about this fact.

Many of you have made it your sacred mission to experience the lower dimensions of intensity and duality accompanying the Earth for the purpose of integrating every twisted-up and dense energy as you work to help inform and uplift the collective about the reality of their existence as spiritual beings rediscovering full consciousness.

As many of you have made this your mission, you’ve provided many works designed to do just that and plenty of others have picked up on those works and become inspired to work away themselves in the manner they’ve best found themselves able to.

Channeling our energies and guidance is just one way you can get active in helping your populace find enlightenment again, and as always, we wholeheartedly recommend using your voice and acting upon the inspiration many of you feel within to produce works that come from the heart.

Exposure of the souls who’ve acted as representations for the density and negativity fed by the general public could be seen as important, but in your evolving day and age, it can benefit you much more to focus yourselves on your spiritual evolution and on building a planetary society that can welcome the presence of the many civilizations existing off of your planet and actively monitoring your evolution with the intent of assisting you in mind.

You can bring your planet’s vibration to a place where open acceptance of us becomes easy, and as you work to raise the collective vibration, we’re able to be closer with your planet in every moment that passes.

We ask you to monitor yourselves and the vibration you’re on in every moment, because your personal actions are important to the planetary vibration and what you do or how you feel affects your collective much more than you’ve let yourselves believe.

This is because of the oneness between each of you as sacred aspects of Source, and the vibration you put yourselves on can determine, in many cases, the vibration another is on who consciously or unconsciously feels close with your energy.

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