About Kathye Kaan

Who is Kathye Kaan?

Hello Dear Soul,

I am Kathye, Life Coach and Spiritual Consultant. For many years now I am helping people find their way in life when it all seems to derail. By simply assessing the current status and desired outcome, I highlight the disturbing and blocking factors. Then mapping out the steps to eliminate them and with that, clearing the way towards your desired goal. 

My specialties concern Mindfulness, Spiritual guidance, Business and Career advice, Relationship issues, Soulmate and Twinflame connections, Family issues, Astrology and Numerology.

I truly believe that the way to a healthy lifestyle, or a motivated team or mindfulness in general starts with a clear Mind & Soul. Like to get a taste of what I do? Order a personal reading

Kathye Kaan

Who, What and Why? About Kathye Kaan

This website is not About Kathye Kaan. These pages in are created to help you find your way to self empowerment, mindfulness and your Life path. I hope that I can contribute to your journey in a positive way. Either as your Life Coach or general Spiritual Consultant.

Lots of love,