Quantum Healing Consult

Spiritual Consult and Business Counseling by Kathye Kaan

Quantum Healing Consult & Spiritual Counseling

Have you ever thought of aquiring spiritual consult or counseling for your extended questions? Many before you have taken the step to aquire the expertise of Kathye Kaan. Her experience as a Quantum Healer, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Reader has helped many in finding the right answers. As a result, (re)occuring obstacles have been resolved and clarity provided on important life and / or business decisions.

Her ability to identify and communicate the soul’s gifts and challenges by symbolic interpretation in numerology, brings transformation, clarification and decisiveness.

Kathye Kaan provides a couple of consulting options gathered below which, depending on your question or problem, can result in:

  • Aura cleaning & protection

  • Energy clearance

  • Blockage removal

  • Channeling abundance

  • Life purpose guidance

  • Soul purpose guidance

  • Relationship assessment

  • Business reorganization guidance

  • Candidate screening

Telephone Consult


• Starting at 60 mins
• 60 minute consults
• Multiple sessions possible
• Upload photo preferred

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Video Consult


• Per Video Conference Call
• Hourly session
• Multiple sessions in 1 consult possible
• Payment Per Session

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Private Consult


• Private consult on domestic location
• Excl. travel costs
• Excl. accomodation fees
• Upload photo preferred

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Business Package

Per Request

• Telephone / video / private consult
• Price per hour
• Multiple sessions possible
• Candidate screening

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Order Your Preferred Consult Here

Please state your information on the order form and choose your preferred method of consult. You will receive an e-mail with:

  • a suggested time slot
  • instructions on how to proceed
  • an estimate (if chosen Business Package)

Normal turnaround will be within 24 hours.

Book a 60+ Minutes

Face 2 Face video consult
Ideal for indepth readings such as:

> Business counseling
> Candidate screening
> Team therapy
> Career guidance
> Life purpose guidance
> Soul purpose guidance
> Unloading & recharging
> Energy clearance
> Relationship assessment

Pay per session

Why book a Quantum Healing consult or Spiritual counseling session

With the new Millennium’s pure energy shift we see an increase in demand for holistic consultation and counseling requests. Career choices, life path, or relationship issues are keeping many of us (pre-)occupied. On a personal level, but also in work relations.

This new era brings changes and clearly ends traditional ways of thinking and operating. Old energies make way for new ones, in personal life, and by that, also on the work floor.

Kathye Kaan is aware of these changes. In her experience as a Quantum Healer, Spiritual Medium and Energy Clearing Reader, many cases have emerged on her path. Resulting into the healing of the body and mind from a deep, unmanifested level of consciousness, regaining purpose in life and eliminating negative energies.

The consulting options mentioned above, give you tools to aquire Kathye Kaan’s gift and knowledge to either:

  • start healing
  • finding one’s life path
  • making the right professional choices
  • finding direction in general
  • effectively applying the ‘law of attraction’

Find out for yourself, your team, or employees and book a consult today. Namasté.