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Our Universal Family [pt1]

The evolution of humanity has been on a full course to manifest for centuries of your time, but has been accelerated in the last century as more souls are led to understand things they would’ve previously been closed-off to.
We note the deepening spiritual searches many of you find yourselves embarking on, and we can only encourage your quests and remind you that we’re forever here with you and that it’s only the extent to which you convince yourselves we’re not that determines your experience of us.

If you can allow yourselves to believe and know, truly know, that we’re real and with you, walking by your side in every moment, then you’ll experience a strong and constantly replenished connection with us.

If you let yourselves stray away from the belief that we’re real and with you, then you’ll naturally experience what you’ve sewn for yourselves. The point we wish to drive home is that you’re forever the Creators of your experience and just where you choose to go from here will be decided not by us, but by you.

Expanding Horizons

We note with Love and joy the progress being made on your spiritual paths as many of you seek to deepen your understanding of everything based in the spiritual, and as you deepen your searches your horizons expand in every sense.

In the physical sense, your body is being upgraded as your cells embark on the sacred changeover from carbon to crystalline that you’ve heard so much about.

On a spiritual level, you’re uncovering things that would’ve previously been very difficult to access or obtain, and it’s for this reason that we ask you to see that you’re heading into a bright future filled with expansion and understanding of so many things you’ve allowed yourselves to forget over time.

Humanity has made your way through the lower dimensions and now stands ready to experience the next cycle in your evolutionary growth, and in this crucial time of change, your populace is learning to come together and express harmony amongst one another rather than continue to fight and pass pain around your collective consciousness.

So much Love is being reignited in the hearts of myriad Earthly souls who you’d perhaps never expect to awaken, and we ask you to expect surprises in this future you’re Creating, for much can happen on the individual and planetary level that you wouldn’t expect.

Much can happen amidst the course of your personal Lives from here on out that’ll surprise you, and much will happen in your physical reality that’ll turn some heads to say the least.

What we mean is that the changes needing made to your society could come about in a surprising and rapid manner for many, and much is ongoing in this moment to help bring your planet into the Light from our side of your ever-thinning veil.

While we have and continue to do much for your Earthly ascension, the inspiration and ability lies in the awakening humanity to enact the greatest changes you’ve heard so much about.

Even the awakening Lightworkers who don’t feel as if they’ve done a thing have contributed much positive energy to the collective consciousness of humanity, and this positive energy is needed and happily utilized in your collective consciousness to help transmute the ever-pervasive pain and separation.

As you express the purest vibration you can yet obtain, your entire collective consciousness benefits immensely.

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