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I am so happy about this new Amazon feature… On my personal path towards enlightenment I have searched for knowledge, feedback but also physical products that could help me on my journey. For days, weeks, sometimes months I would search online for certain tarot cards, powerful crystals and stones and even something simple as candles that could help get me into a meditative state.

Now, I can save you some trouble searching. If you would like to experience yourself the power of a certain card deck, a crystal or stone with healing energies or anything else that I refer to in my video readings, look no further. I have gathered a nice selection of local associates products on my new Recommended Products Shop page on Amazon:

  • Tarot Card Decks
  • Books & eBooks
  • Powerful Crystals
  • Healing Stones
  • Scented Candles
  • Esoteric Oils
  • Energizing Pendants
  • plus more…

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As I fully endorse self-dependency. I am also aware that as an entrepeneur & brand myself, it is impossible to produce and provide these products on my own. Therefore it is a blessing to be able to help out other (local) manufacturers and producers to find their audience and together strengthen our mutual path to enlightenment. Happy shopping!

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Buying recommended products on my Amazon page helps you quickly find that certain stone with powerful energies, the Guide to Ascension that you were looking for, that healing crystal to wear as a pendant and even scented oils and candles to ease your meditation process. In fact, you can find products that might came across or were mentioned or featured in one of my free Youtube Video Readings

Besides helping yourself, you could also share that special item to a friend who you know is looking for. But more importantly, you help out independent manufacturers and entrepreneurs like myself survive and make a normal living.

As I have gathered a decent selection of products, I will of course be looking out for new ones and add them to the page. Do you already sell items on Amazon that are complementary to my services? And don’t see them in my selection? Feel free to contact me.

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Other Recommended Products You Can Find:

  • Crystal Quartz Orgone Kits
  • Chakra Pyramids
  • Metaphysical Applications
  • Oil Diffusers
  • Inspirational Amulets
  • Aromatherapy Lights
  • Reiki Charged Candles
  • Amethyst Rocks
  • Crystal Balls
  • Necklaces

… and lot’s more. All from Amazon trusted suppliers and with reviews to help you choose the product that fits you most.

Let me know what you think of my Recommended Products page on Twitter, in fact, please follow me for new additions to my selection. I’ll make sure to tweet updates if noteworthy items are added. And don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Every now and then I like to show off with a new deck of Tarot cards 🙂

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Find items to help you ground yourself, nourish meditation or even protect you from negative energies in your surroundings. I'm sure there is something to be found for everybody, even a birthday gift for a friend?
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