Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently asked questions and their answers

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

A lot of times I get questions about the videos, chats, the ordering process and payments. Below I have tried to give you an overview of most of these frequently asked questions FAQ. Of course with an explanation as thoroughly as possible.


Personal Video Reading

How Do I Order My Personal Video

Go to the ‘Personal Video Reading‘ page or homepage >
Pick your preferred reading from the options available and click ‘Book Now‘ >
Fill in the mandatory fields – marked with an * – on the pop-up screen >
Click the blue ‘Check Out Via PayPal Or Credit Card’ button.
Kathye Kaan Order Booking Video Reading FAQ

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use your Credit Card as well by clicking the same blue button and when on the PayPal page, click the grey ‘Pay With A Card’ or ‘Create An Account’ button. You can then fill in your Credit Card details and at the bottom, opt-in if you would like to create a PayPal account, or just leave it like that and pay with your Credit Card.
Kathye Kaan Order Booking Video Reading FAQ PayPal screen

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Video

After payment is confirmed, it usual takes 24 – 48 hrs to send you your video. It could take a little longer depending on the amount of requests, but you will be notified by email when this might occur.

How Do I Receive My Video

Once payment is confirmed I record it, export and upload it, and email a private stream link to the email address you’ve provided. Click the link stated in the order receipt email and your private video will be visible for you only. You can view your reading multiple times on any device with an internet browser.

What Do I Get In The Video

With the personal info you provide securely when placing your order (question(s), D-O-B), I am able –using my gift, applying numerology and reading tarot cards– to give you an Energy Reading, specifically focussing on you and your personal circumstance(s). This can be about your love life, career, workplace, awakening spirituality, 3-4-5th dimension questions, family matters or even dearly beloved. In contrary to the general free readings on my Youtube channel, your personal reading is 100% about you.



I Don't Have A PayPal Account So How Do I Pay

Every order you place, wether personal video reading, live video chat, or extended on-demand reading, provides PayPal as main payment option. (It is one of, if not the safest way to pay online for consumers.) However, when redirected to the PayPal log in screen, there is a grey button which states ‘Pay with a Card’. This is a simple PayPal Guest Checkout service that will handle all major credit cards as well.



Do I Need A Specific E-Reader For Your E-Book

No you don’t. You can read it on any mobile device as long as you download the app from your preferred e-tailer. So you don’t have to buy a Kindle E-reader when you already have an Amazon account and own for instance a tablet or a big screen smartphone. Just download for instance the Kindle app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and you should be good to go.

If more similar questions pop-up in my email I will make sure to add them on this page. I hope I was able to answer all your questions and look forward to provide you with a video reading or be able to provide a consult by phone or Skype call.