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Astro Clock Reading 12 Zodiac Houses now available - by Kathye Kaan

Astro Clock Reading (12 Zodiac Houses) Available To Order

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Newsflash! As of now, I am also adding the Astro Clock Reading to the video reading product catalogue. I am happy to announce that after requests from your behalf, I am able to add this particular reading for your consideration.

Why an Astro Clock reading?

The Astro Clock helps map out or predict obstacles or gifts you’ll face in this lifetime. The planets were all in specific signs and houses when you were born. This provides relevant information.

By interpreting your chart, I blend characteristics and/or the meaning of each planet. Also, I take into consideration the house it is in and the sign it is in. Planets light up that part of your chart, which energises traits whenever it visits a particular house. I use the houses in combination with Lenormand & Sibilla tarot card deck(s) to predict which parts of your life come into focus, and where to take the best possible action.


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What Do The 12 Horoscope Houses Represent?

1st House (Ruled by Aries)

This is where the zodiac begins. It covers all ‘firsts’ so to speak: first impressions, the self, new initiatives, leadership and new beginnings. The sign on the cusp of this house is referred to as your rising sign. Better known as ‘ascendant’.

2nd House (Ruled by Taurus)

All matters related to your immediate material and physical environment like taste, smell, touch, sight and sound, are covered by the second house. It also rules money, income and self-esteem.

3rd House (Ruled by Gemini)

All forms of communication like talking, thinking and devices (think cell phone, messaging) are ruled by the third house. This house also covers community affairs, neighbourhoods, local travel, siblings, libraries and schools.

4th House (Ruled by Cancer)

Because of it’s position, at the bottom of the zodiac wheel, the fourth house rules the foundation of all things. For instance including your parents (mother particularly), children, nurturing, home, privacy and your basic security.

5th House (Ruled by Leo)

A dramatic Leo rules the fifth house. This means it governs fun & play, drama, romance, self-expression, creativity & color and attention.

6th House (Ruled by Virgo)

Health and service is what rules the sixth house. Helpfulness, being of service to others, natural and healthy living, diet and exercise, schedules, organisation, routines and general fitness is what it rules.

7th House (Ruled by Libra)

The seventh house is the sector of relationships. Governing all partnerships (business & personal) and relationship-associated matters: contracts, marriages and business negotiations and deals.

8th House (Ruled by Scorpio)

The eighth house can be called a ‘mysterious’ sector. Mysterious because it rules bonding at the deepest level so for instance birth, death, sex, transformation and merged energies. It also rules other people’s money and property (ex: real estate, investments, inheritances).

9th House (Ruled by Sagittarius)

You’d better ask what the ninth house doesn’t cover… It covers subjects like religion philosophy, morals and ethics. But also the higher mind, expansion, international & long-distance travel, foreign languages, inspiration and optimism. Besides that, also publishing, broadcasting, and in general higher education.

10th House (Ruled by Capricorn)

The tenth house is at the very top of the chart and therefore most public. The tenth house governs structures, corporations, tradition, public image, fame, honours, achievements, awards, boundaries, rules, discipline, authority, fathers and fatherhood. Because the cusp, of the tenth house is also called the midheaven, it clues astrologers into your career path.

11th House (Ruled by Aquarius)

Teams are ruled by the eleventh house. Apart from that, it covers friendships, groups, society, technology, video & electronic media, networking, social justice, rebellion, and humanitarian causes. It also rules originality, eccentricity, sudden events, surprises, invention, astronomy, science fiction and all things futuristic.

12th House (Ruled by Pisces)

The final house, which rules with endings, is completed by the twelfth house. Final stages of a project, tying up loose ends, completion, afterlife, old age and surrender are covered by this house. Separation from society, institutions, hospitals, jails, hidden agendas and secret enemies are also associated with the 12th house. Finally, it also rules the imagination, creativity, arts, film, dance, poetry, journaling and the subconscious mind.