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Join My YouTube Channel and Become a Member to watch Extended readings and unlock access to LIVE sessions

Join My YouTube Channel – Become A Member

Join my YouTube Channel and become a member!

Newsflash! As of today, you are able to join my Channel and become a member. This will unlock Extended Monthly, Full Moon, Quarterly, Love and Year readings to name a few. Most importantly, it will allow you as a ‘member only’ to join my LIVE sessions.

Why a YouTube Membership?

For approximately 2 years now I have been serving extended readings using a ‘webshop system’ on this website. Mainly, because it was not possible to join my YouTube channel. As a result, you were being directed from my channel to my webshop. Subsequently, after payment, you’re guided back to YouTube to watch the ordered extended reading. From the start, that didn’t seem practical. I totally agree. Unfortunately, YouTube didn’t provide channel memberships at that time so I couldn’t offer you (some of) my paid services directly on their platform. Eureka! That has changed! 🙂

Buy A Subscription

What’s has happend?

YouTube has rolled out channel memberships for a larger part of their creators. Guess what, one of them is Kathye Kaan. As a result, I can offer the extended readings using a subscription plan right on my channel. Therefore, you don’t have to navigate to the on-demand pages anymore to pay for an extended reading. Consequently, those extended readings can be accessed directly on YouTube when you’re a member of my channel and logged in.

Join my channel now and become a member

In conclusion, log in to YouTube and purchase your desired membership. I offer 3 options. After that, start watching the extended readings without the hassle of having to pay for them on my on-demand page first. “Is that it” you might ask? No, there’s more. In short, plenty of extras and perks which I have summarised below:

Extended Medium Extended Super Extended
Members only videos Members only videos Members only videos
Extended Monthly reading Extended Monthly reading Extended Monthly reading
Members only LIVE stream Extended Full Moon reading Extended Full Moon reading
Extended Quarterly reading Extended Quarterly reading
Members only LIVE stream Extended Love reading
Extended Year reading
Extended Money reading
Extended Astro clock reading
Members only LIVE stream
Members only LIVE chat
$1.99 per month $4.99 per month $9.99 per month


It's Time To Join And Become A Member

Above all, you get a member badge and the use of extra emojis. I think the universe is trying to tell us something… 😀 Become a member and treat yourself to a better customer experience. So, the next time you log into YouTube and visit my channel, the extended readings will already be waiting for you.

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So glad you can join my YouTube Channel with a membership subscription. Similarly looking forward to catch you in a LIVE stream soon!