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Tarot Card Deck Review Mystic Mondays Grace Duong

Tarot Deck Review: ‘Mystic Mondays’ by Grace Duong

In this new Tarot Card Deck review I’ll be focussing on the Mystic Mondays deck by Illustrator Grace Duong. It became available mid-2018 and I got it as a Holiday gift! Yeah!

A full-color guidebook describes the symbolism of each card, making Mystic Mondays full of positive vibes that invite you to start fresh any day of the week. Watch me unboxing the tarot deck in the video:

Tarot Card Deck Review in short:

It showcases beautiful surreal visuals and takes tarot reading right into the future with it’s modern twist. The deck just breathes ‘vibrancy’ and features bright artwork. It contains holographic card edges and foil exterior. As a result, this deck offers fresh interpretations of each of the major and minor arcana in a standard tarot deck.

Now besides being a beautiful tarot card deck that I look forward to put to use during my readings, it is available as a mobile app! You can download the app free for Android here and iOS here. Therefore, you can draw your own daily tarot card on your mobile phone. How sweet is that! The app contains the same card explanations as in the physical guide booklet.

Thumbs up for delivering a beautiful and solid tarot deck. I immediately had to use it and with great pleasure in my January 2019 Monthly Psychic reading! As a result, I have to give this complete package a 10 out of 10! Well done Grace!